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About Us

We, “Dalian LIFFtech Co.,Ltd”, are an international supplier of industrial electrical /instrumentation junction boxes and pneumatic control equipment materials. The company was established in April 2013.Our workshop is located in LüShun Development Zone of Dalian City China. Our products are widely used in the industrial projects of food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, refinery chemicals.

We always insist on providing customers with high quality products and services.

Our Value is that “We work to meet our customers’ requests and make them successful.”

Our action principles are: “Be reliable with integrity ”,“Work smart and efficiently”, “Find better ways to solve problems”.

Contact us, let’s know your requests, you will not be disappointed.


Contact: Mr.Cliff Zhang

Phone: (0086) 18604262808

Email: cliff.zhang@outlook.com

Add: No.29 Xingyuan Road LüShun Development Zone,Dalian City LiaoNing Province China